How to Noodle Talk

Since Noodle Talk is to normal talk as English is to barking, here are some helpful tips to get you started:
1. After drawing a question, read it silently first. If you’re OK with answering it, please do; if not, feel free to pick another. (The earlier question[s] remain your secret.)
2. Don’t worry if your mind goes blank: pass for the moment and inspiration will come soon enough.
3. Honesty, support, and listening with an open mind are highly recommended. Anyone caught criticizing, intellectualizing, psychoanalyzing, interrupting, one-upping, digressing, pontificating, belching, or passing gas loudly should be sent to bed immediately.
4. For family-style Noodle Talk, let everyone sample the same question.
5. Or try this for a-muse-ment:
     To garnish a Noodle Talk stew,
     Blank paper and pens will do.
     Choose some answers at random,
     Then all write with abandon,
     Composing apt limericks or haiku.
Our Guarantee:
If using this product does not significantly enrich your relationships, or provide immediate relief from acute distress caused by social tedium, we give up!