“I took Noodle Talk on a weekend trip with my mother and in a few evenings, we learned more about each other than we had ever known before. I even learned some new things about myself! Since [buying] Noodle Talk, I have seen several variations on your concept and yet they do not compare.”

— K.H., Alexandria, VA

“The game no sooner arrived than my teenage children started asking for comments on each question. We had so much fun with it, and it stimulated such good discussion, we now sit at the table after dinner and take turns (only one question each)!”

— E.P., Claremont, CA

“As a teacher of executive image and presentation, I am loving Noodle Talk. Thank you.”
— D.D., New York, NY

“I took the noodle game to England to my daughter. She, her husband, and small daughter reside in Kent. We all enjoyed the game — such a nice way to break the ice at a small gathering. Even my eight-year-old granddaughter enjoyed it, especially the question about having a road named in one’s honor.”

— R.H., Monroe, LA

“My sister is doing an internship as a high school counselor in San Francisco and keeps the set I gave her in her office. She says it’s a great way to get the kids to start talking — very non-threatening and low key.”

— A.B., New York, NY

“You sent Noodle Talk to my wife two weeks ago, after we read about it in Town and Country. It was great! We started a discussion group two years ago — we (seven couples in their early 50s and 60s) meet once a month. We’ve gotten closer over the years, and we’ve begun to trust each other and to talk about our real concerns. But your ‘game’ allowed us to reach a new level of intimacy and sharing. I was delighted — and after our customary two hours, everyone wanted to talk more. It allows inhibitions to be broken down — it’s great! We’re continuing it next month.”

— T.K., Glens Falls, NY

“Sorry it took so long to write but I was holding Noodle Talk for our family reunion of ten adults. It was great. We could pick it up or put it down as we wished. It gave us a chance to learn things about each other as well as ourselves. It was fun and stimulating conversation yet also a great way to just relax with each other. I’m now using it at home alone, just for some nice quiet time relaxing — a good break from reading!”

— D.T., Summerfield, FL

“We have used Noodle Talk with adolescents, adults, staff, and family. The result has been some of the easiest insights gained into clients and colleagues. You did a great job.”

— C.T., Dallas, TX

“We played Noodle Talk at our church choir party last night — learned a little about each person. I had gone through and chosen the less complicated questions, and after we finished that round they begged for the ‘hard ones.’ So — everyone really enjoyed it. Fun, fun, fun.”

— S.A., River Falls, WI

“Noodle Talk is wonderful in my classroom. I teach sophomore English and use it as part of a journal activity. Teenagers find the tidbits exciting and different to write and talk about.”

— J.W., Pikeville, KY

“I don’t think there was a person present who wasn’t changed by the experience. It was astonishing how much we learned about one another.”

— V.S., Morris, CT

“I found an interesting way to use Noodle Talk. I am a writer. Occasionally, I fancy myself a columnist and like to write short essays that I send to friends and relatives. Recently I had the urge, but couldn’t think of a topic when I thought of Noodle Talk. When I picked the question, ‘What is your favorite holiday?’ I sat down and wrote one of the best pieces I’ve ever done. Thank you very much.”

— R.M.G., Berkeley, CA

“The next time it came up was with two girls I knew: a close friend and a new acquaintance. Responses were full of feeling and I almost thought I would cry thinking about some of my answers. [We] teenagers really feel good when [we] have a chance to talk about more than the usual boys and homework.”

— J.M., Wallingford, CT

“It’s humanity-making.”
— C.G.R., Princeton, NJ