In the spirit of this holiday season, here’s a Noodle Talk experience that a customer described to us. As vice-president for human resources at a large healthcare system out west that included hospitals, testing labs, outpatient clinics, medical transport services, etc., etc., she chose Noodle Talk to use as an ice-breaking exercise at a quality management meeting of all the division heads.

The company’s CEO drew the following question: “What is one of your favorite family traditions or rituals?” He answered by explaining that on New Year’s Day, he and his family place all the holiday cards they had received that season in a bureau drawer by the dining room table. Over the next few weeks and months, they begin each meal by pulling one at random and reciting a blessing for its sender(s). We were told that hardly a dry eye remained after he finished speaking. Would his colleagues have known this about him if it weren’t for Noodle Talk? Probably not.

It’s a wonderful custom that we’re all too happy to pass on in the hopes that news of it might spread beyond that corporate boardroom.

Happy holidays to everyone and all the best in 2018.

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